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Why tell you when we can SHOW you?
#VertimaxBootcamp Commercial 

Vertimax Bootcamp Trainer Jon Kaker puts former professional hockey player Kevin Beauregard through an intense session on the Vertimax

video credit: Corn Jeffers


VertiMax Demo

Vertimax Bootcamp Trainer Jon Kaker explains how to use the Vert and demonstrates some VertiMax BOOTCAMP fundamentals. 


How VertiMax is Superior for Top Speed & Vertical Gains​​

The President of the Vertimax Company explains how the VertiMax is the perfect tool for advancing athletic performance.


Click here for more information from Vertimax Inc.

JKF Dynamic Warm Up

Jon Kaker Fitness Dynamic Warm Up for injury prevention and proper muscle activation. Do 5 minutes prior to every workout wether it's weight training, cardio and or athletic competition! 

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