WHAT IS #VertimaxBootcamp ?

An original method created by Jon Kaker to train multiple athletes/clients at a time. Started in 2012 in "The Mecca" of bodybuilding Golds Gym-Venice, Kaker designed a fast paced, athletic performance driven workout to get clients to do legs in a different way. 

#VertimaxBootcamp makes a DIFFERENCE

#VertimaxBootcamp takes Vertimax fundamentals and applies them to an exciting, high intensity, calorie scorching class for all fitness levels and ages.

The bootcamp is designed to:

  • Burn MORE calories in LESS time using resistance plyometrics

  • Perfectly balanced cardio and body weight training to shed fat and build lean muscle

  • Properly activate core strength and develop Type II muscle fibers

  • Simulate sports practices

  • Provide results FASTER than traditional work out methods


Gym address near Inglewood!

Los Angeles, CA 90047


Cell: 760-485-5601

I am now accepting clients at @KakeFitStudios !!!!

Click the link below to find the session type for you and schedule to get started!!!



Guaranteed to help you:

  • Look better

  • Jump higher

  • Run faster

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