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Vertimax Overview - The World’s Leading Athletic Performance Training Equipment. Find out why! 

  • Ability to load at high speeds

VertiMax resistance allows athletes to achieve the highest resistance training velocities possible during training drills. And the faster you can train with a load, the greater your high-speed strength gains or power outputs will be. If you’re trying to improve your top end running, or throwing speed for example, the Vertimax gives you the competitive advantage you need to reach your full potential.

  • Maintain better balance for safer and more effective training movements

VertiMax band technology allows any athlete, patient or gym member to maintain far more stability and balance during exercise and training programs. Because Vertimax provides continual and smooth resistance, users aren’t forced to stabilize themselves against inconsistent exercise resistance, as is the case with conventional elastics.


  • Smooth and constant resistance

VertiMax technology changes the way elastic bands work by completely eliminating the potential for radical increases in resistance felt any time you stretch a conventional elastic band.


  • Train across long distances with multiple drills

VertiMax v8 Platform and Vertimax Raptor Dual Band can drastically increase the training range, giving athletes the ability to load resistance bands for distances of 10-20 yards. This means athletes can complete more consecutive uninterrupted reps for any given mobility drill.


  • Train multiple athletes simultaneously

With both the VertiMax v8 Platform and Vertimax Raptor you can train multiple athletes at the same time, enabling coaches to be more efficient when training teams for any sport.


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Vertimax - Revolutionary athletic training equipment designed to dramatically improve performance, vertical jump, power, speed and agility in life and on the field of play! 

VertiMax V8 Platforms and Raptors are used by; youth, high school, collegiate, professional, and weekend warrior athletes. Some of the leading coaches, athletic trainers leading baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and other top sports athletes from the world's leading teams use VertiMax technology. So WHY NOT YOU?

Vertimax Raptor - Speed training (on field)

The VertiMax Raptor System is portable resistance training weighing only 15 pounds that allows athletes to train on the go.  The VertiMax Raptor Dual Band system has two cords with a training range of 0-20 yards each. The lightweight Raptor system utilizes the patented VertiMax Elastic Training technology to develop athletic speed and strength.  Raptor provides a mobile solution for teams and individuals by quickly attaching to walls and fences, inside a facility, or out on the field.


  • Quickly Develop Speed & Power

  • Lightweight, portable, safe and effective training solution

  • Resistance training without radical resistance increases like with traditional bands

  • Light-load, high-speed training that produces results on the field of play

  • Weighs only 15 lbs and can be used inside or on the field or track

How Does VertiMax Help Increase an Athlete's Speed? 

Optimal development of athletic speed and power is achieved by maximizing the rate at which muscular force can be generated. The faster an athlete can generate force, the more explosive an athlete will be. As an athlete’s explosive power increases, so will their ability to speed up and jump. However, it is very important to note that the strength an athlete develops in the weight room will not effectively translate to explosive power in competition unless low velocity power lifting is combined with light-load high speed explosive training. The VertiMax revolutionary loading technique simultaneously loads and increases power in both the ground contact and airborne phases of the running motion for a much more effective speed development.  If you speed train conventionally with an elastic band attached to the waist, the primary muscles you’re overloading are the quad glute in the drive phase that’s when the foot is in contact with the ground driving.  When the foot breaks contact with the ground and starts the forward airborne motion or the knee drive portion of the recovery phase, that band attached to the waist can apply any load to the hip flexors, which are vital to drive the thigh upward pulling the leg and foot through the air to the next ground strike.  The power development of the hip flexor was not addressed during previous high speed training because until now we’ve had no way to load it while sprinting. The VertiMax band technology loads above the knee so the quad, glute, and calf are loaded in the drive phase, as the athlete pulls against two or three bands. But for the first time, we can now overload the hip flexors in the recovery phase because the instant the foot breaks contact with the ground the hip flexors have to work harder pulling the leg forward through the air to the next ground strike because of the resistance pulling on the thigh just above the knee.  

VertiMax V8 Platform- Jump + Speed Training (gym) 

VertiMax is the most effective Vertical Jump Training System in the world because it allows an athlete to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component which leads to superior vertical jump performance gains.


VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical leap performance, which is a measure of explosive leg power, will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed. 


Exerting maximal force in minimal time is having explosive strength and being explosive is essential in just about every sport. It’s been proven that displaying high levels of explosive power is believed to be one of the most important factors in determining athletic success. 


Training exercises to improve vertical jump are plyometrics consisting of quick, explosive movements designed to increase speed and power. Jump training drills maximize muscle contraction by strengthening the fast-twitch muscle fibers that convert strength into speed. When an athlete can increase the strength of the tendons they not only help with reducing injury but also can be more explosive.

The World’s Leading Vertical Jump And Speed Training System

  • Pros to youth - More explosive in less time

  • Specific training for all sports

  • Train up to 5 people at one time

  • The ONLY system that simultaneously loads the upper and lower-body

Most Notable Vertimax Users


NFL teams


NBA teams

  • Thunder

  • 76ers

MLB teams

  • Astros

  • Braves

Individual athletes

Top High Schools



Memorizing basketball plays, learning football routes, and showing up to every practice are imperative, but not enough to make a superior athlete. More than ever, supreme physical fitness is not just an advantage but a necessity to be successful on a competitive level and to minimize risk of injury. Many diverse training approaches have been developed to enhance training efficiency and maximize power output. However, up until now, most of these (e.g. explosive lifting) have been deemed unsafe and inefficient.


Instead, low load/high-speed training has recently become much more prevalent, which brings us to jump training.  Jump high, jump fast, get sweaty, and in turn get stronger. For one, jumping is easy. We’ve all been jumping since we’ve been little and it turns out that perfect execution isn’t super important for how well it works. And second, jump training increases sprint acceleration, promotes rate of force development, overall athletic ability and power, and development of muscle deceleration which is vital for injury prevention, and some perfectly toned behinds that I’m guessing most people won’t object to (no, this part was not in original the article). So jump training works and that’s great but turns out jumping alone not enough as many athletic movement patterns require explosive contractions. So jump training must be combined with resistance training to be most efficient, the combination is synergistic.


With continuous training comes a need for progression. Training must become harder; muscles must continue to be overloaded. And although many products have promised to provide jump training, with resistance training, and with the ability to progressively challenge the athlete, only few have been proven to deliver. One of these very few is the VertiMax.


In a study by Matthew R. Rhea et al., 40 Division I college athletes of various sports were split up into 2 groups: a VertiMax group and a training control group which had very similar workouts minus a set of resistance jumps administered to the VertiMax group only. The athletes trained 2-3 days per week, for 12 weeks total. The control group’s power increased by ~16 watts (i.e. not very much considering they started at an average of 986 watts). Conversely, the power of the VertiMax group had an average increase of 109 watts (i.e. much more). A way to compare how well something works with statistics is a measure termed effect size. I’ll spare you the “mathy” details but to simplify, effect size is always a number between 0 and 1. Zero means the treatment doesn’t work, while the higher the number, the more effective in our case the workout. So, the effect size of the control group was 0.09, small. The effect size of the VertimMax group, 0.54. In other words, like stated above in bold, it really really works, and in just 12 weeks.


Anna Parievsky, PhD


This article is a summary of:

Rhea MR, Peterson MD, Oliverson JO, Ayllon FN, Potenzian BJ (2008) An examination of training on the VertiMax resisted jumping device for improvements in lower body power in highly trained college athletes. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 22(3): 735-740.

In a Southern Utah State study, 60 athletes gained 1.8 inches on their vertical jump in 6 weeks from plyometrics alone, while Vertimax subjects gained 4.5 inches using the same regiment! (Matthew Rheat, PhD)


VertiMax is the fastest, most effective way to improve:

  • Competitive Edge

  • Speed and Explosive First Step Quickness

  • Vertical Jump Performance

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