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See what clients have to say about Jon Kaker Fitness!

​“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with Jon Kaker as my new personal trainer. I have trained with several professional trainers in different cities over many years, and with the ability to compare, I am throroughly impressed with Jon's training knowledge and skills. His variety of training techniques is highly impressive, and he goes to great legnths in concentrating on the exact individual physical needs and goals of each of his clients. As a result of training with Jon, my overall physical apperance, weight loss, and wellness has improved REMARKABLY. I love all the new excercise techniques I have learned from Jon and look forward to learning so much more. I have referred several new clients to Jon and will continue to do so due to his positive attitude, his high degree of professionalism, and his complete client care.”


Alan D. Wainstein

Co-Founder & CEO

"Kaker knows how to tailor his training style to each specific client, I always feel appropriately exhausted after our workouts and can see a difference in my athletic performance. I wouldn't be able to hang on the football field if it weren't for KakeFit."
Alyssa Parella
I've worked with Jon Kaker (JK) for a while now and I am so thankful I met him...
I am a former Varsity star athlete that got caught up in the business world and lost touch with my personal fitness over the years.
I leveled with JK about my situation and he immediately got on board to work with me at my level, he made me feel welcomed, and helped me set realistic goals. JK has been a positive motivator from the start and he has already been more involved in my health, fitness & improvement plan than I expected. If you want to talk about going above and beyond, he does it. In my experience, he sets a new bar for personal trainers. 
It is clear from day one that this is more than just a hobby or a job for him, he really cares, he knows his stuff, and most importantly: he gets results. I can't recommend Jon Kaker highly enough.
Jeff Lopez
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